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Chef Table Living

Indulge, engage & savour in fine local dishes & drinks that Alberta's culinary scene has to offer through our Chef Table products such as our home dine-in experiences where your Chef & Cocktail Kits are delivered to your door, or visiting various local establishments with our Food Bike Tours & Food Walk Tours.

We are about supporting the community as we understand the power of community and collaboration principles. We draw on the strength of people working together and promote local businesses.

Chef Table Living founders came up with this new concept of Chef Table experiences during a shifting time in most people's lives, a time where we were not able to gather with our closest family members.


At Chef Table Living, we provide easy, active, healthy lifestyle alternatives that you and your loved ones can all enjoy together. Either with a fresh and delicious home cooked meal, or some refreshing beverages or even a guided walking tour around the city enjoying the sites, all the while exchanging stories of the events of the day with those closest to you and meeting new people and friends along the way.


Chef Table Living has developed a way to capture all of these elements under one roof, with a creative interactive and fun Chef Table experience. Let us do the work to help you create these fun and unforgettable adventures for your family or date night, with one of our various exciting new products all while supporting Local businesses and giving back to your own community. This could be with one of our Chef Kit or Cocktail Kits, Food Bike Tour, Food Walk Tour or even live Zoom events all the way to one of our guided or non-guided tours stopping in various locations checking out the sites. With all of these fabulous products readily available at your fingertips allow Chef Table Living to take the organizing out of your hands and provide a simple solution for you and your friends, co-workers and loved ones to see and experience the local scene all while promoting a more stable and well-rounded healthy lifestyle for Edmontonians.


Chef Table Living presents Alberta's newest exclusive behind the scenes culinary experience. Allow Chef Table Living to play a part in creating memories with those most important to you today.

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Delivery to Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

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Chef Levis' Chicken Cups & King Salmon Udon

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Get Early Bird Tickets For The Food Walk Tour

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Give The Gift That makes Memories!

Add some sparkle this Christmas season

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Edmonton, AB

Email : info@foodbiketour.com

Phone : 780.250.2453


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